We’re a family-run business.

For four generations, everything has been going hand in hand here. We develop, manufacture and distribute our products ourselves.

Just take a look around:

Our equipment? The best in the world. Our raw materials? Only the finest. Our hygiene standards? As strict as the food industry’s. Our location? Is going to stay right where we feel at home. Top quality is only possible where people have known each other very well for a very long time. Our customers see it that way, too: nearly all of them have been working with us for many years. It’s nice to see that kind of win-win situation develop over the years.

Merci la France!

In 2001, we opened a subsidiary in Languedoc-Roussillon: FUTURPLAST. We’ve attracted so many French customers that we decided to expand. That is why, in 2009, the family grew with the addition of another company in the immediate vicinity of Arles. Its name is FÜRSTPLAST and it is just as ambitious as its parent and affiliate. We run the three businesses FÜRST (D), FÜRSTPLAST (F) and FUTURPLAST (F) in parallel. As a brand, we are known as FÜRSTGROUP.

Manfred Fürst at his workbench, 1959

What we value most – and what you can measure us by

Our roots are in mould making. This is where our heart has been ever since Karl Fürst started in 1938. He was a tinkerer, challenging the limits of the material and possibilities again and again. Today, four generations later, his spirit lives on – combined with many decades of experience. This balance between experience and commitment to innovation is something we want to keep and is reflected in three qualities:


at which we turn your ideas into practical solutions. Conventional manufacturers are still raising their eyebrows? We are already at it!


we give you the time and space you need to make the right decisions with as little risk as possible. Free samples are a matter of course. We offer you low-risk prices for the production of prototypes in the project business. If you order the product later, we will pass these costs to account.


as soon as our experts come up with an even more effective solution, we lower the unit price. This makes ever smaller quantities attractive to you. You don’t have to wait long to present your customers with an unbelievable diversity and Individuality.

My grandfather always said: Boy, do something with your life so that one day, they put you in a FÜRST container!

Sissle Grouch,
founder of the sour society


Market launch
of the paqpac reusable box


as Patrick Fürst switches from day-to-day management to the executive team


of the plant in Hallerndorf results in the addition of a new production and storage facility


to the Umweltpakt Bayern (Bavarian Environmental Pact)


The fourth generation
of the Fürst family joins the company: Patrick Fürst joins the management


of the UltraSeal. A safety closure developed and patented by FÜRSTGROUP


of the subsidiary Fürst-Plast SAS in France


of the Hallerndorf factory


Generational succession
Dr. Helen Fürst takes over from her parents as the company’s new managing director


of the subsidiary Futurplast SAS in France


in the commercial register as Manfred Fürst GmbH


Generational succession
through Manfred and Elisabeth Fürst


Establishment of the company
by Karl Fürst as a mould making factory in Erlangen