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It’s your choice.

Round, rectangular or square? 200 ml or rather 5.5 litres? With two or four compartments? Or perhaps no division at all? No matter your choice, we’ve got what you need. You can choose from over 100 models in our standard programme alone!

Clear – or as colourful as a rainbow.

You want your product to shine without distractions? Our crystal-clear design has looks that rival its quality. Or do you prefer a colourful presentation? We manufacture containers in all colours, transparent or opaque. With our structured embossing technique opens up even more possibilities: It allows you to take advantage of the contrast between smooth, clear surfaces and rough, matted surfaces to create an exciting visual and tactile experience for your customers.

The right lid.

For more precise dispensing and partial opening, you can also order containers with a hinged lid. You decide how much you want to open the container.

Cool shapes.

You’re planning a special packaging? We have the special shapes you need. You can rely on the creativity of our design department or submit drawings of your own. Of course, we will produce the packaging ourselves: our mould-making division is up to anything.

Sweet to the touch?

Do you want to get a first-hand impression of our containers’ quality? Do you want to compare models? You can order free samples here!

Standard solutions

Individual solutions