Splendid appearance.

Labels fade in time, get scratched or peel off in the dishwasher. We fuse your label with the container – giving it an unmistakable design. With our in-mould labelling process (IML), there are no limits to your imagination: You can choose between a smooth or structured surface. Or use transparent and opaque surfaces in any combination you like. And in any colour, of course. You are free to design both, the container and the lid, any way you want! Our printing foil is made of polypropylene, just like our containers. This guarantees an excellent bond with the container, providing additional strength. And last but not least: all materials are fully recyclable!

Your advantages:

You no longer need to attach the label yourself. You can elegantly integrate product declarations into the design. You customers will think of your brand every time they reuse the container. And the best thing is: IML containers just look great!



Exclusive shapes.

Ice cream in strawberry-shaped bowls? Yoghurt in cow-shaped cups? Impossible is not part of our vocabulary! Boost your customer’s interest with your imagination and our expertise, for example with a new product or a limited edition. Our designers are experts as well as artists. They always relish the challenge of getting everything in perfect shape. No matter your wishes, your requirements on economic efficiency and material or how unconventional your ideas may seem: we’re up for it!

Your advantages:

Your product stands out from the usual monotony. Your customers will look at it longer … and pick it up. As skilled shape makers, we know all the tricks of the trade – after all, we were already experimenting with exciting new shapes back when all containers were still boring and round. And we have made significant investments in cutting-edge processes and in high-tech production. This way, we can bring your visions to life quickly and competently. Which new shape do you want to surprise your customers with?