FÜRST cabins are where my team feels most comfortable!

Jogi Yoghurt, coach of FC Milktown


You can further process our FÜRSTGROUP containers right away. Once your assembly line is up and running, things just go on and on and on and on… without problems!


You can put the FÜRSTGROUP containers from our standard portfolio in the freezer without worries. They can defy the cold down to -18 degrees Celsius! Able to withstand up to 90°C of heat, even dishwashers leave our containers cold. And our custom-made products are made of materials that can withstand even more extreme temperatures. You’d really have to break a sweat to scratch, break or tear them!


Get an edge over the competition! Anyone who buys your product in a FÜRSTGROUP container receives not only one but two great products: yours AND a reusable container. It is perfect to store things or to freeze food. With an attractive design, the container will continue carrying your advertising message long after your product has been used. If your customer no longer needs it, the container can be disposed of without a guilty conscience. The polypropylene containers are made of only one material – and are thus easy to recycle.


A true champion doesn’t have an ego that takes up half the room. FÜRSTGROUP containers are stackable, so when we ship them, they only take up one-eighth of the space. That saves transportation costs and storage space.